April 6, 2020

Quibi First Impression & Review

It’s actually not that bad…

What is Quibi?

Quibi is the new kid on the block when it comes to streaming services. However, their main focus is mobile users. They don’t have a web browser interface or even an app you can download on the FireTV, Roku, or AppleTV. They give you quick episodes that range from 10 minutes or less. You can watch in portrait mode or landscape and sometimes have a unique experience, sometimes switching perspective between characters depending on the orientation.

Is being mobile platform bad?

Not necessarily. You have to take into account more and more people are digesting content through their smartphone or just on-the-go in general, so they are smart for seeing the vision that mobile devices are the future of media consumption.

My experience using Quibi

While recording my iPad Pro review, I got a notification my pre-order was ready. The app interface is nice, however I was disappointed in that with all the money invested, there’s no app dedicated for iPad, but that’s probably due to the aspect ratio when switching modes. From the few episodes of Survive and Punk’d I watched, the quality is much better than I expected. But here’s the problem for me, when you watch content on your phone, why wouldn’t you watch in landscape? It’s a cool idea for sure, but I don’t want to constantly switch from portrait and landscape. I always feel like I was getting much more out of a scene in landscape mode. I did notice when signing up for Quibi in the setup, there was an option to pay $2 more per month for ad free. Yup, ads. In between episodes you get 15-25 seconds unskippable ads. I mean YouTube already does that with a bunch of other apps. Imagine going to a movie theater and every 5 minutes, you get thrown an ad in your face. It’s like I’m watching cable television all over again except it feels like my show is being chopped up even more.

What about it’s competitors?

Whether they classify Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and AppleTV+ as their competitors, the streaming service game is quite competitive. A person must be willing to dedicate another subscription for content solely at the fact they can only find it there and no where else. Mobile users is a big audience and when you multiply ads over on top of a subscription service, you can see there is plenty of money to be grown. They do offer 90 days FREE TRIAL so I suggest take advantage and if you don’t like it, cancel the subscription and enjoy the rest of your trial. I’m not sure if they did research for human psychology and learn bout the attention span of a person watching content on their and maybe discovered the attention span of a person watching content on their phone is 10 minutes or less. Adding an ad in-between gives the brain a break and then they can focus back on the content. That’s just me thinking outloud. As more content emerges on the platform, Quibi might rise to the top…or flop.

Anywho, I’m going back to reviewing my iPad Pro review so stay tuned for that. Quibi turned out to be all it said to be. Quick Bites. Big Stories.

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