March 28, 2020

NEW 2020 iPad Pro Impressions! My New Laptop?

I try out the iPad Pro for the first time as my main computer

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

I decide to try out the new iPad Pro 11 inch as my main computer since that is what Apple is marketing the iPad Pro as. I have never used an iPad before despite the initial release dating back to 2010. Ten years later, I finally have it in my hands. Along with the Apple Pencil, Smart Folio Pro by Logitech, and a Bluetooth mouse, I intend to use the iPad Pro as my actual computer.

First Impressions

To start the iPad Pro is much lighter than I expected. I feel perfectly confident holding this with one hand when I first took it out the box. I use an iPhone 10 as my daily driver so I was expecting the iPad to be just a bigger version of my iPhone. The ProMotion or for technical people, 144Hz display makes this device feel much smoother and snappier than any other Apple product I have used. The entire iPadOS is similar to iOS, but apps have their own layout. Hooking up the Smart Folio Pro was easy, along with the Apple Pencil and the mouse. At first I was conflicted on whether I should touch the screen with my hands, use the Apple Pencil or use the mouse, but I found I bounce between all 3, which makes for the versatility of the iPad Pro. Laying down in bed, sitting at the table, or on the walk, I can use the iPad comfortably in almost any situation. The USB-C port is great which I hope Apple brings to their iPhones later this year. The power adapter was also Made In India which was another surprise to me and a first product that has been Designed by Apple in California, Made In India. The new camera and LIDAR sensor make for great photos and videos, and I have tried out some AR apps which have all seem to performance well compared to my iPhone 10 when creating AR objects.

iPad Pro Camera with LIDAR
iPad Pro Camera with LIDAR

Wait a week for a final review of my product as I run this as my daily driver for a week!

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